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First Grade Instructional Program

CYA Basketball offers a Winter season only program for first graders that is strictly instructional. 

This means that each week the coaches work on different skills (shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, teamwork, etc.). Several exhibition games are played in Late February and Early-March. Generally, first grade instructional sessions are held once a week for one hour between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 PM Monday to Friday.  The first-grade sessions are held in local elementary school gyms (for example, Lees Corner or Navy ES). 

First grade teams (usually 10 players) are formed by the league administrator based on school and neighborhood in mid-November. First grade instructional sessions start in mid-November and run through early March. 

As part of their registration fee, first graders receive a basketball, a T-shirt jersey, and an end-of-season participation trophy.


IMPORTANT: CYA Basketball is a grade-based program. Since first graders are enrolled in a strictly instructional program and since CYA has a severe shortage of gym space, no kindergarteners, regardless of age, are accepted into the first-grade program under any circumstances. CYA has the right to ask for documentation of a child’s school enrollment if any questions arise about the grade in which they are enrolled.